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Water-saving toilets hidden Hsuanchi consumers to be cautious buying
  Published by:admin Release:2007-12-4 10:45:22 Read:2601次 【Fonts:Big Medium Small

In promoting energy conservation Today, the waste of water resources remains serious, life of the waste of water for urban waste water in the main part. But it is worth mentioning that, as people gradually enhance environmental awareness, many people buy toilet, also takes into account the issue of water conservation. But market types complicated water-saving toilet water can really achieve the effect? Water-saving toilets for the people to understand how many, many questioned also plaguing consumers.
     Status: On one side is "super water-saving toilets" while the other side is "pseudo-water-saving toilet"
     In the toilet now on the market, businesses in marketing, the promotion of water-saving toilet when all this slogan in the first place, is the brand of water-saving toilets people dazzling. The various water-saving toilets effect is a better than a publicity from the six liters toilet to four liters more than even a 3:00 more liters of water-saving toilets, some small manufacturers toilet brands only reached several individual sections water standards can be sold when the cords falsely claimed that all products have reached a water-saving standards. This brand many wide variety of phenomena so many consumers are丈二和尚puzzled. Although we have water-saving awareness, but in this chaotic situation of the market inevitably to consumers at the time of purchase of doubt.
      Hsuanchi 1: a little flushed, washing effect may be poor
     Mrs. Sng home soon move into new homes, for the acquisition of furniture and home are at the disposal with environmental protection, energy saving awareness to the selection, especially the bathroom toilet. Because living in the past with their parents in old buildings, whether small or big problems to resolve the problem, a back-to spent a lot of toilet water. This time, his own house decoration new house, Mrs. Sng on bent buy water-saving toilets, in the building materials market saw six liters toilet, four liters more toilets, so二话没说on one or a few selected smallest. After use can be, when Mrs. Sng found each use less water is like, but the toilet flushing effect it is not ideal, and even sometimes-not always lead to a clean rinse repeatedly才行, such an outcome Let Mrs. Sng is not satisfied, originally intended to select a low water consumption of water-saving toilets achieve the objective, but may now end up with just the opposite.
     Expert readers feel:
     Reporters from the China Association of Building sanitary ceramics experts there that in the purchase of the toilet, is not to say that the toilet flushing water for the smaller the better. Many of the toilet flushing water is very small, but the results often do not wash standards, we can not completely discharge will milk this will not only lead to repeated washing and waste water, it tends to plug the toilet. In fact, many now on the market very small displacement of the toilet does not apply to what we are living in the building pipeline, which is to influence it washed a large effect factors. There are now toilet numerous brands on the market, some brands of toilet miscellaneous production technology behind its fundamental for us to achieve the high standards of water-saving, water-saving toilets in the purchase of big brands to make full selection of products, more protection.
     Hsuanchi 2: toilet flushing methods have their advantages and disadvantages of different prices
     Her toilet in the building materials market to buy only that the type of toilet, and billowed into the sub-Siphon, a 6 liters, four liters of low water Siphon toilet, but also divided into three liters, six liters two of the eastern block of toilets . Sales on a lot, but Dr. Wong would like to know What's the difference between them in the end, sales personnel to sell the products only on the merits of each type of toilet, let her at the time of purchase there is no way start, and two toilets What is the essential difference between it, in the end what's more suitable for use in life?
     Expert readers feel:
     According to experts a toilet mainly divided into two major parts, one water tank, one is sitting barrels. There were also sitting barrels Department Siphon and billowed into the two-between the two have their advantages and disadvantages. First: billowed into the toilet of the biggest feature is its simple flushing pipes, tubes also very rough can be very easy to clean the dirt, but billowed into the noise of the toilet is also very easy in the inner wall上挂dirty toilets. Billowed into the flushing of the toilet when generally divided into three liters, six liters two Shift. Three liters of water Shift small-suited for solving some minor problems, six liters Shift is to address the major problems but is ready. Siphon toilet and the high demands on the pipeline, because so small diameter siphon effect of the more obvious it is, the greater pumping capacity, but at the same time on the water the greater the demands, therefore, many big brands are introduced less than six liters of low-water toilet, because of high technology content, the price corresponding to your more. But there are also many small manufacturers irresponsible technology is not standard, but under the banner of water-saving toilets, water consumption has led to small but bad effect of flushing problems. Siphon toilet biggest advantages is that it is also the noise smaller, the effect can achieve quiet, but if the use of water in the pressure not easy for the plug. So consumers in their choice of toilet when fully in accordance with their own needs to buy.
     Puzzled: the toilet it is difficult to distinguish the actual water consumption
     Mr. Zhang is a very careful person, and he in the toilet when the optional sales staff had questioned the publicity, Mr. Zhang at the time of purchase is to clearly know the actual water consumption toilets what is the number, in the flush test effect of how kind, in order to assure the purchase, which allow sales staff who played hard.
     This expert said that in the purchase of the toilet, consumers want to know the truth at the time of purchase to be a test, the actual understanding of the toilet flushing water consumption and the effect it is very normal thing, but because of various problems such as the restrictions can not meet consumer demand, this is also the need to improve the practical problems. To avoid buy inferior products, the well-known consumer brands to choose and compare products, but also in the toilet before buying more understanding of knowledge, are prepared to do to purchase.
     Experts suggested that:
     1. Not all the houses used for water-saving toilets, some of the old buildings because of pipeline facilities, and so the problem is not suitable for use water-saving toilets, even if the use of water-saving failed to achieve results.
     2. Some manufacturers of three liters, six liters two Shift in the eastern-style toilet tank before use in the need to set up regulation, in order to achieve three liters stalls and six liters Shift distinction.
     3. Buy toilet, the toilet due to inability to detect the true effect, the choice of brand products relatively secure.
     Micro survey 88% of consumers think that water-saving toilets with water-saving effect of 63% of consumers in the purchase of water-saving toilets, feel at ease.
     Now the market many of the types of water-saving toilets, but after consumers use the real effect and whether allow consumer satisfaction? And there are some of these problems? With these questions were on the 20 consumers were investigated.
     The use of water-saving toilets in the number of people, the overall effect is not clear water
     From the data showed, the present majority of consumers have when buying water-saving toilets awareness, 80 percent of the people are under the national standards in the use of "one-time average water consumption is not more than six liters" of the toilet. But 81 percent of consumers on the toilet flushing is not very satisfied with the results, such as on the inside wall of the toilet easily linked to the milk, there are also a not-clean, rinse repeatedly led to the problem. Reporters learned consumers in the survey results is good or bad for washing or very much for the judgment of the toilet and become the main criterion for good or bad. Water-saving effect is the consumers are most concerned about, 88 percent of respondents feel that the water-saving effects are not very significant, because there is no one standard reference nor a judgment in the end simply can not have water. According to the survey, reflect, divided into 3-6 l two Shift in using the toilet because of the different water consumption has obvious distinction, the overall water consumption can be achieved if the purpose of saving water has not been accurately calculated . Therefore effect is not very obvious, but how many will play a number of water-saving role.
     Awareness of water-saving toilet less, not practical purchase
     Reporters in the survey felt that although many consumers are using the national standards of water-saving toilets, but also the purchase of water-saving toilet awareness, but their water-saving toilet concept is not very clear, the type of toilet, distinction do not know, just at the time of purchase through sales presentation to choose such a way to buy some more or less blindly. 63% of consumers on the sales staff had suspected that the publicity, can only be verified by the failure to carry out the purchase, but after buying and not feel at ease assured. In fact, as consumers want to buy things in to test the products before the good or bad, but the toilet such a great product limitations, it caused problems for the purchase, in the toilet before consumers buy or to use their own expertise under armed, prepared.

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