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The actual situation should not overlook the toilet buy "from" flu
  Published by:admin Release:2007-12-4 10:46:42 Read:2412次 【Fonts:Big Medium Small

Buy toilet-beautiful but not enough, for the installation of toilets need to meet certain conditions, otherwise another beautiful toilet can only be displayed.
     First, in accordance with the water and the dock connection, the toilet can be divided into two types of attached and points. According to the drainage system to the different points, can be divided into salt-and-Siphon. In accordance with the way of drainage, toilets also can be divided into horizontal (wall platoons) and the end - Pai (row) - two. Consumers must first choice is the toilet flushing principle, that is, dashed into the type or Siphon. Generally Siphon is: Toilet pipes in a vacuum, atmospheric pressure due to the role of the rapid formation of liquid column height difference between, thereby creating pressure on the poor, so that the water flow from the high pressure water flow to the small low pressure, and a sewage pipe until all the water discharged into the air. - And dashed into the water refers to rely on effective with the fastest velocity, maximum flow, maximizing potential, the closures cover the toilet with dirt, and dirt from the toilet. The current market is relatively popular Siphon Toilet.
     Selected toilets, bathrooms the actual situation, we must not neglect. According to the toilet can be the actual situation in the following order choice Toilet.
     First, it should be in accordance with their own situation and determine individual purchase-loving types, such as Siamese water closets or points of the water closets, stretched the water closets or ordinary type water closets, secondly, should recognize their own toilet water closets drainage location is under horizontally into the wall or into, to facilitate their next choice. Which, when the need is identified under the drainage water closets, we must clear away from the concept of the wall. The so-called wall is from the ground (water closets) from the centerline of the water walls completed the distance. When confirmation is needed is horizontal drainage water closets, we must clear away from the concept. From refers to the so-called water closets after the completion of the ground floor drains from the centerline of the distance.
     Often there are many customers forget to buy accessory products allow renovation workers to assembly, the results often caused jiaofang leakage, so that consumers suffer unnecessary loss.

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